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Humming Bird Wings beating about 53 times per second

In love with the nature; immerse in healthy and green living; support human rights and animal welfare. I believe that individual actions can collectively make a difference. I started making differences in my home in 2002, and am now trying to help to make a difference in my community and across the globe.

My interests includes: Gemology (I am a Graduate Diamond from GIA), Instrumental Jazz music (I play Alto Sax and Trumpet), Western and Asian classical music (I also play piano and Guzheng), Chinese Calligraphy, scuba diving, hiking, Archeology (I once joined a group in Thailand for an archeology dig). I love to travel and I have been to many different places. I am neither a Democratic or a Republican My politics is mainly focus on environmental issues.

My interests in research and analysis kept me busy all day long. I have set up RSS feed for News, Climate Progress, Environmental in policy, Environmental in personal life style, Clean Tech News, Venture Beat, Rapaport, GIA Research News, etc. just to name a few. I have also set up a google alerts to get daily emails on any news that is related to "Electric Car" OR "EV".

I am a mother of two: Darren is a graduate in Boston College (undergrad) and UCLA (AI in in Computer Science). Candace is a graduate from UC Santa Cruz (undergrad) and did some grad works in the Univeristy of the Pacific (inter-culture) Relations.

I was a volunteer in 'Project Math' in Junior Achievement for several years. My goal was to get high school girls interested in math and science. I prepared my own teaching materials. It was very challenging because the boys always raised their hands in my interactive classroom environment. The girls were not responsive even they have the answer.

Family is very important in my life. My older sister, Jenny, lives about 1.5 miles from me. I have a brother in Hong Kong who owes a Goldsmith business. My kid sister Jeanne own two stock brokerage firms in Hong Kong. I have hundreds of cousins and we do see each other from time to time.

I jog every day. I love the nature so I run up and down the hills instead of going to the gym (I never even once ever in my life go to the gym).

I don't get angry easily but there are sad moments in my life. I tend to weight everything around me equally and therefore if there is one thing upset me, I will think of others that make me happy.

My role models:
'Genghis Khan', a charismatic and dynamic leader who united various tribes into one tribe (the Mongols) in the western China.
'Eliza Doolittle' who never failed in learning.
'Wall E' just join my list. His actions change my living habits.

My unforgettable years:
1975 was my favorite year because this is the year I come to United States, a land of opportunity.
1967 and 1992 are sad years for me because my parent left me.
Year of 2009 is probably the worst year in my life where I lost two of my love.

My concerns:
Pollution: too many people, and too much garbage
Climate Change which causes sea level rise, extreme weather, hurting our eco system and wildlife.

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