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Humming Bird Wings beating about 53 times per second

I was born in China and grew up in Hong Kong. When I finished high school there were only two Universities in Hong Kong so I came to the United States for college.

When I came to the U.S., I had only a sister who was in grad school. Since my family was not wealthy, I had to work part-time in the college to help pay the foreign student tuition. It was very difficult. I had children before graduating from college so I had to work very hard. I eventually became an engineer the hard way, by working her way up in Silicon Valley startups, I have always believed that basic knowledge and formal training in school is important. I am determined to help the poor and to help people get the the education they deserve. I have supported a niece's and a nephew's college education. I would like to do more and am looking for opportunities to get further involved in education.

Since the year of 2001, I have been closely paying attention to the environment.  I built a passive solar, 'fossil free' house which made out of straw bale, 25KW photovoltaic with power backup system, use *almost No* gas.  Only our cooktop and couple of a gas burning stove for use in emergency of long power outage. Recently, I added a living roof to offset the fossil fuel the oil companies put into the environment.  My electric cars (2 Rav4EVs and a Tesla Model S) is part of the fossil-free effort.

Now that my 'passive solar house' project is done, I would really like to do something that will make a difference for the Earth.

I am really into whatever I do.  I enjoy working around the clock to get products out.  Prior to 2000, this kept my Earth-friendly interests submerged, but with the house project I was able to discover how meaningful it was to help lead the way, and help to create a better life for people.

I feel great about what I accomplished with the house, and I am now interested to work in a green tech environment so I can promote what I have learned to others and feel great about my contribution to changing our planet.

I am energetic and motivated.  Although most of my experience has been within engineering organizations, but today I desire the opportunity to be on the front lines, to help to make a better world.  I have been successful at many transitions in my long career, and I am confident my energy and passion will be an asset to any organizations.   I would also like to take advantage of my Chinese language (I speak several dialects) and social skills, if possible. This is another reason to move from engineering into a contact role.

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