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My Family

Humming Bird Wings beating about 53 times per second

My house is on a three acre property nestled in Los Altos Hills and is the home of The Lee’s family.  It is set up as and once was a horse property, but alas there are no horses in residence today.

It has become Waidy, Candace, and Darren's home in April 1994. We love being immersed in nature, but being close to town.  It was rebuilt in 2006 as a model for environmentally friendly living.

The picture with a horse is the old house, which is no longer standing, as we building a new straw-bale house with photovoltaics designed to get direct fossil fuel use out of our day-to-day lives. The new home has four bedrooms and a wonderful library.

There is more information at an open house tour, in which we hosted 10 days before we moved in.

Waidy's New House Central House


Darren is a graduate at Boston College with B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science. He did his graduate work concentrate in Artifical Intelligent at UCLA. Darren is currently a Software Developer working in San Francisco. Darren is passionate about fast cars, particularly BMWs.

Darren's yearbook picture


Candace is a graduate at U.C. Santa Cruz. She holds a BA in Anthology. She did her graduate work in Intercultural Relations at the University of the Pacific. She is currently a Customer Support Engineer. She likes to travel, but not too much because that means leaving Waffle behind.

Candace standing outside

My Happy Family

Mommy Hugging

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