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My EVSEs at Home

Humming Bird Wings beating about 53 times per second

ChargePoint CT2102

CT2102 has both a L1 (120V 16Amp) port and a L2 (240V 32Amp) port and both ports can be used simultaneously. It was installed in October, 2010.

[CT2102 after install]


This is part of the EV Project, a 240V 32Amp J1772 charging station, installed by Ecotality in March, 2011.

[Blink after install]

Tesla HPWC

Tesla's High Power Wall Connector (HPWC) was installed in February, 2013, as a result of a Model S purchased in November, 2012. The HPWC delivers 240V 80Amp, and it uses Tesla's proprietary connector.

[HPWC after install]


This 240V 75Amp EVSE is built by Darren. It uses the Open Source OpenEVSE Architecture and was commissioned in February 2013.

[OpenEVSE after install]

Tesla Model S UMC with J-handle

This is a modified Tesla UMC with a 70Amp J-handle. It can supply 40Amp at 240-277V. A portable EVSE at 9.6 kW to 11.08 kW.

[UMC with J-handle]

SPI Chargers for my 2002 Rav4EV

TAL SPI Charger

[TAL SPI Charger]

Portable Manzanita SPI charger

[Gen2+ SPI Charger]

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